Corrective Facials & Maintenance Treatments

All facial treatments include the face, neck, and chest. Deep pore cleansing and acne treatments may be performed on the upper back, which is the same price as the facial treatments.

Reconditioning & Vitamin C Firming Treatment: This treatment is ideal for dehydrated, aging and environmentally damaged skin types. The use of specific cleansing, toning, masque and protective products will help to leave a healthier, firmer appearance to the skin. 45-60 mins

Deep Pore-Cleansing Treatment This facial is perfect for mild acne sufferers or those with blocked pores who feel their skin needs a deep cleanse. The combination of thorough extractions with products helps to clean, brighten and leave skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 95 mins

Clinical Acne Treatment This treatment is designed to calm and correct acne-prone skin. With decongestant products, and lymphatic drainage massage, and extractions, your skin is left refreshed and calmed. 60 mins

Sensitive Skin Treatment Designed to help calm and soothe compromised skin including reducing erythema, irritation, and inflammation associated with problematic or rosacea skin types. 50mins

Redness Neutralizer Treatment for Rosacea Skin Treatment provides cooling, soothing relief for redness and flushing that often accompany rosacea, while improving the appearance of rosacea skin. 50 mins

Refining Treatment for Men Just for men! Great for sufferers of ingrown hairs due to shaving. Product is used to gently exfoliate the skin, helping to remove the outer layer of skin, blocking the hair. The treatment finishes with soothing products to help sooth and hydrate the skin, leaving your face and neck refreshed and revitalized! 50 mins